Pokken Tournament, is a Pokemon meets Tekken Style fighting game, for Wii U.  At a current price point of 60$ which is a pretty standard cost for a Popular new Wii U Game.  This game has been announced for a while and had quite a bit of footage before release, but as we all know a good trailer doesn’t mean a good movie, which left fans wondering will it be a good game?  Let me start off by saying this is a huge albeit risky step for Pokemon as their RPG style Pokemon games have stayed continually popular selling off the shelves like you wouldn’t believe.  They really surprised fans with this, what some would consider a game based on what we’ve always wanted to do and see, a non turn based Pokemon Battle.  That takes place in real time!

Or so you would think, but in my opinion, they gameplay is very clunky, this really is no street fighter, the tutorial mode, was boring to say the least, but needed.  Meaning if you want to button mash you can but to become good you have to understand, all the various insane amounts of pieces that make up a Pokken Fight, whether it be the Field Phase which is a 3d like arena similar to what you see in Naruto games, that then can switch to the Dual Phase a more 2d style Street Fighter, but can only switch to a dual phase a visa versa under certain circumstances, then you have the Synergy gauge and the support gauge.  Wall blasts, wall combos, cancels, and guard breaks.  And of course the rock paper scissors like attack triangle, where Nromal attacks x, a, and y beats grab attacks, Y+B, and grab attacks beat counter attacks which is a + x which of course beats Normal Attacks.   My point being, pick up a Pokemon RPG game, and even if you’ve never played it before youll have fun, and be able to do well.  With Pokken its quite the opposite.  The gameplay is overwhelmingly complicated and had no reason to be, for that reason I give it a 3 out of 10 stars for the gameplay lets move onto the graphics,

While graphics are not usually the main concern of a Pokemon fan person, the graphics were UNBELIEVABLE.  High quality renders of some of your favorite Pokemon,  with awesome attack animations, and fluid motion, not to mention The sound and music beds behind the game went perfectly with gameplay.  The stages are awesome and there is always little Easter eggs you can pick up on, no matter how many times you play a stage.  Pokemon players for the most part are not people who at least for Pokemon games care to much about the graphics of said games, that being said just because I can graphics gets a 11 out of 10 on this one!

Moving onto the 1 Player Mode, as is important with most Pokemon games, you start out with 14 characters, and can unlock up to an extra 2 characters, making the final roster thus far, a total of 16 characters.  However this is no regular Pokemon RPG style 1 player mode, it is boring as can be, repetitive, long and hardly anything good comes out of it, other than unlocking 2 characters, and getting useless items and such.  Hardly worth the time to advance up the ranks and finish the so called story.  1 Player mode however may not matter at all to some, because just like in Smash Bros, people don’t buy it for the 1 player mode, they buy it for the multiplayer mode, which I will get into next, for now the 1 player mode gets a 2 out of 10 stars.
Multiplayer mode and online mode is fantastic, very fast and easy to get games.  Fun, and the great thing about it is, you don’t need to know everything, just to grab a controller and play a game, however if you want to become one of the best like no one ever was, grab a seat and a snack and get ready for an hour of tutorial mode. That really is this games strong point, a great multiplayer mode, with some of your favorite and most well known Pokemon characters, to relax and enjoy what is essentially a well animated, graphically awesome, real time non turn based Pokemon battle! The multiplayer mode, ill give a straight 10/10 to, its what you would get the game for,
Final Thoughts/Rating
My final thoughts on this game, there really is no 1 player mode, its to boring and non rewarding to even consider, the gameplay overall is clunky, however it makes up for it with awesome graphics, fluid animations, awesome sound effects and music beds, and of course making all of our dreams come true with real time non turn based Pokemon battles!   So the game for its intended purpose, that being multiplayer with friends, I will give a 9/10 to, giving the average for this game everything included to be a solid 7/10.
Its a good game, but every main Pokemon game in my opinion at the time has been amazing, not just good.  So for a regular Wii U game, its worth the 60$, however for a Pokemon game, having that standard to live up to, it really falls behind. Given that Pokemon is backing it, it could have been way way better and frankly for whatever reason just isn’t.
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