Nerd World Weekly 4/10/2016-4/17/2016
Most Recent Comic Book News
In comic book news this week, Marvel recently released a bunch of new video clips and images for Captain America civil war this week including an awesome one of Bucky Barnes fighting, Agent 13 Sharon Carter, Black Widow and Tony Stark, you can find all the images and videos below!

Robert Downey Jr, was in a bunny costume, for a new video announcing a new charitable organization, that you can donate to to be a part of an exclusive early Civil War screening with him as well as a photoshoot and much more!  Check that out below, and hey if you can donate, its for a great cause!

The first Doctor Strange trailer released on Tuesday and looks awesome, we can’t wait for this movie to come out!  Check the video out below!

In DC news, it has been announced that Ben Affleck will direct and star in a standalone batman film, not many details on that just yet but we will keep you updated if anything changes!
In Gaming News This Week Capcom releases new trailer and screen shots for the upcoming 3ds game, Monster hunter generations which you can check out below

Pokemon Comaster a free to play smartphone game was released in Japan recently, it features, board game elements, and collectible figures, you can check out more info about that in the description here.
The original Super Mario Bros, world record has been beaten with a near perfect run, Darbian the man behind the speed run beat his previous record, by 33 milliseconds, after completing the run and beating his record, he wrote in the Youtube description for the video, I have reached my potential in this category, I’m done, and says his quest is over!

In science news, Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, announces, $100 million project to search for aliens in deep space, he has teamed with russian billionaire and entrepreneur, Yuri Milner, to make the Breakthrough Starshot mission, with the mission to send a nanocraft on a 20 year journey to Alpha Centauri the nearest star system, which is 4 light years, or about 22.8 trillion miles away. The spacecraft, is going to be the size of a postage stamp, and packed with cameras, thrusters, and navigations and communication equipment, once it is in space it will be propelled by light instead of standard combustion engines due to a 3 foot wide, laser sail attached to each chip, which will speed the nanochip up to about 20% of the speed of light, or 37,000 miles a second, 1.1 trillion miles a year, and it will take more than 4 years for the photos once captured to get back here, so were looking at around 24 years to get any images back.
In tech news, Can’t cook or don’t like to cook? Well luckily for you Moley Robotics, is creating a consumer priced Robot that prepares, and yes cooks food, including custom recipes that you can set up in your own home, set for release in 2018 I know we all can’t wait for this to come out,
A company called Lytro has created a 755 megapixel yes thats 755 million pixel, 40k resolution 300 frames per second capable,
cinema light field camera, the camera is amazing, rental prices start at 125,000$ for utilizing the Cinema Hardware and Software suite, while the price is high, in retrospect, an IMAX 70mm film camera, has an estimated resolution of about 103 megapixels and is 12k so thats quite the jump, this camera can take in as much as 400 gigabytes of data per second,  For those wondering What a light field camera is, well its a camera that in 20 or so years will be the new hd or 4k, and be in all of our phones, the technology uses all available light in a video to separate objects by depth and store them in a 3 dimensional grid, that allows an unparalleled amount of detail and flexibility in gathering shots and making editing much easier, allowing for shots that weren’t possible Simply put, a camera shoots an image, you are stuck with that image, you may color correct and so forth, but with the cinema light camera, not only can you move around the people or objects and create brand new shots, you can adjust the depth of field, focus position, shutter speed and dynamic range, after the fact. More simply put, a crazy hologram capturing machine!
In movie News it has finally happened, we are getting a Pokemon Live Action movie, according to the hollywood reporter, the Pokemon Company has been meeting with Hollywood Studios, to launch a big screen live action version of Pokemon which has sparked a bidding war. And we couldn’t be more excited for it!
In other movie news, James Cameron announces 4 yes 4 new sequels to the 2009 hit live action film Avatar, no other information at this time but we will keep you updated if anything changes!
And finally In sad new Arthur Anderson Voice of Eustace Bagge from Courage the Cowardly dog, known for his famous catch phrase, Stupid Dog, died at age 93 on Tuesday, rest in peace. We will miss you,
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