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Okay, so with the summers biggest flop according to Hollywood, why am I writing this brief but yet very informative review? Well, honestly , I am tired of seeing all the hate that has been surrounding this movie. As a super hero fan, I finally saw a movie that actually relates to the super hero genre in “real life” . Now you asking yourself, why the quotes? Well, because this movie centers around 5 people who are a family, or should I say co-workers who are trying to do something for greater good who end up bonding and becoming more than friends; They did something in the movie, that with the right kind of technology , could happen in the next few generations in science. The writers and creators behind this reboot did something that almost coincides with the science of today. Call it a nerdgasm or a geekgasm, but if the smartest people in the world came together to create something like this, it could be done. Hell, with the recent Back To The Future date, the tennis shoes that were of someones imagination has actually come to be.


The above reboot was pretty epic for its time. The graphics and basically just casting the Dark Angel herself , Jessica Alba as Sue Storm was really amazing film making. Yes , it had its plot holes, it had its quirky moments, but what it lacked was the originality from the writers brain. They tinkered with comic folk lore and dabbled in some cool ways to be put in certain situations, but it wasn’t realistic by any means. They casts Jason Evans as The Human Torch and he was a great Johnny Storm. He reminded me of a big brother that I always wanted but never actually wanted to be around. The two movies had their own spunk and they had their own taste in what a super hero movie should, but it lacked the originality of what the newest reboot had. And don’t get me started on the end credits scene in the sequel with The Silver Surfer……talk about getting a fans hopes up!


If you are a super hero movie freak like myself, you’ll remember that there was a classic cult super hero film that was made with only $1,000,000 that was supposed to be released world wide back in 1994…What movie am I talking about ? Well, Of course I am talking about the original Roger Corman , unreleased , The Fantastic Four. Now this movie, well, if you’re not a fan as I am of the genre, may seem a little too corny, but for what it was, it was awesome. So with the year being 1994, the graphics weren’t amazing, hell they weren’t spectacular as they are now. In fact, Johnny Storm at the end of this movie , looks like a flying man out of an Atari game system. The story was literally taken right out of the comics. The uniforms, well, it is what it is, they were the comic book uniforms that don’t look that good on actual human beings. I for one, enjoyed the movie, and yes, even though the special effects were campy, this was a movie that I really enjoyed watching. It’s prolly one of the biggest if not the most requested cult classics, that has yet to be released. You can only find this movie on dvd at Comic-Cons and/or Ebay……Getting back to this movie and the newest reboot though, this movie did something that movies didn’t do, they actually tried to make a movie that was watchable and enjoyed by all types of people.

                                                                            My Conclusion

I loved the new reboot, sadly there might not be a sequel as originally planned. Regardless of the tweet sent from the director before it premiered, this movie may not have been his original vision but he gave us something that we wanted to see. Without all the glitz and glamour, this movie was real to me. It was the first origin story that we have seen since  2013’s ,Man Of Steel. For once in my life, I was super excited to see where they would take this new incarnation of characters. This movie wasn’t a special effects masterpiece, what this was, was a movie about friends and family coming together to have one purpose, one goal and one dream that could take them to other dimensions. I really hope they do make a sequel, whether it be a direct to dvd movie or a tv movie, I want a damn sequel! Hopefully some of you agree with me, even though some won’t, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this newest 2015 REBOOT.


As Always – Jack Saint


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